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We host regular GSA/QSA Senate Meetings, and offer resources and support to youth who are a part of or want to start a GSA/QSA or similar group at their school or in their community.  


What's the GSA/QSA Senate? We're glad you asked!

The Senate was created for two main goals: representation and inspiration. The Senate is composed of one or more members of every GSA/QSA or similar group so that we can have representation from across the region. These members are able to share the needs of their schools and communities, and also bring information from iNSIDEoUT back with them. The Senate also brainstorms new ideas, considers future events, and work together with the Board in making iNSIDEoUT’s visions come to life! Their collective action and inspiration are the driving forces to making ideas become reality! 

Interested in becoming a part of the Senate?

Fill out this form and plan to attend one of our next Senate meetings.

You can find the meeting calendar below. 

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What is a GSA or QSA? 

GSA/QSA stands for Gay-/Queer-Straight Alliance. These are awesome, LGBTQI+ affirming clubs, usually in schools, that do anything from providing a supportive, safe space to organizing large-scale collective actions, and so much more.

GSA/QSA Resources

How to start a GSA/QSA:

Your first steps: Find other interested students at your school and connect with them online and in person.Create an email/Facebook list.Find a faculty sponsor.Find out the specific steps for starting a club at your school. Contact us - we can help you! 


School Visits:

Contact us and we will start planning our visit with you!

Support that iNSIDEoUT offers:

We can come visit you in person and bring treats and good energy. We can run a workshop for your QSA/GSA on anything you desire (anti-racism, oppression, queer theory, gender, working with admin, fundraising, QSA/GSA leadership, or anything else). Or we can come and just listen and learn about your QSA/GSA. If you have exciting things you want to do that extend beyond your QSA/GSA, we can help you make them happen, with funding, publicity, etc. We can connect you with other QSA/GSA leaders, other students from your school, and a whole world of allies and support.





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