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What We Do


UpsideDown holds gatherings for youth 12 and younger every-other-week during the school year.


Be sure to check our calendar and Facebook page for special events! 


Upsidedown Mission Statement (written by the youth):

We are awesome. This is a place where you can be whoever you want to be. We can change the world together.

At UpsideDown, we create space that is respectful of everyone, where youth 12 and younger who may identify as LGBTQ person or be from an LGBTQ family can connect, have fun, and change the world.

We meet once a month, and work with the UpsideDown Coordinator on the iNSIDEoUT Board to decide what projects and activities to do together.


While UpsideDown and iNSIDEoUT are two different age groups we are all one big family.We are always connected to each other through our leadership, support, and awesomeness!

Follow us on Facebook to hear the latest about events and resources for families.

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Upsidedown Hangouts

Upsidedown Hangouts

Hangout is two hours of structured time for youth 12 and younger to connect and hang out in a queer-positive, non-judgmental space. 

We meet once a month. Find our next UpsideDown Hangout on the calendar below. All youth are welcome.

UpsideDown Events

Upsidedown events are magical! We host LGBTQ+ affirming events for youth 12 and younger. In the past, these events have included things like visits to the Lemur Center, Fashion Shows, Baking Parties, and more!

Upsidedown Events


No upcoming events at the moment
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